Company background

New environmental protection regulations come into force every year presenting an ever more complex minefield for small and medium sized industrial businesses.


For many of these businesses, where liquid discharges are an inevitable by-product of their industrial processes, environmental regulation compliance is a major challenge and cause of stress.

At Micromac Filtration we have developed a portfolio of products, systems, operational support and consultancy services designed to resolve issues of compliance for our customers. 

richard milton, after commissioning a new plant

Micromac Filtration is well positioned to select and provide the most cost-effective solutions to a wide range of wastewater treatment needs.

Richard Milton (right), Managing Director of Micromac, after installation of a new plant at a brewery


"We work with a variety of system solutions from basic run down screens to dissolved air flotation systems and complex biological treatments," explains Micromac Filtration Director, Richard Milton.  "The secret is marrying the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to a given challenge.  Having such a broad range of technologies within our portfolio means that we have an extensive spread of system solutions, not 'one size fits all.'  Furthermore, since the units are manufactured here in the UK, we can ensure that any system is sized and specified to the needs of an individual application."



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