Discharge Health Check

We introduced our Environmental Discharge Health Check for UK business and industry in 2006.

This environmental regulation compliance service aims to save UK businesses both stress and cost.

New environmental protection regulations come into force every year presenting an ever more complex minefield for both new and developing industrial businesses.  For many of these businesses, where liquid discharges are an inevitable by-product of their industrial processes, environmental regulation compliance is a major challenge and cause of stress.

We introduced our Environmental Discharge Health Check service to alleviate the burden of compliance for our customers and allow them to focus on running their businesses.

The Micromac Filtration Environmental Discharge Health Check is offered to organisations in the UK on a complementary basis.  Once we receive a request for assistance, we will assign one of our consultants to contact our client. 

Our consultant will discuss the client’s discharges with key staff, appraise the environmental impact of the discharges, and use his or her specialist knowledge to recommend appropriate protection measures wherever needed.

the reassured operator of a treatment system at a meat plant

"Environmental protection is critical in today's environment, but so is minimising the burdens on modern businesses which are responsible for much of the country's wealth generation," explains Richard Milton, Managing Director of Micromac.  "Through the Health Check we offer a simple and effective solution from one of the country's leading wastewater treatment and pollution prevention specialist companies."




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