Rotating Drum Microscreen

A Rotating Drum Microscreen (RDM) provides a simple and reliable method for the removal of suspended solids (SS) from wastewater flows. An RDM is used for the tertiary filtration of wastewater prior to discharge.

The microscreen is constructed from filter panels mounted on a rotating drum which sits within a filter tank. The pore size of the filter is selected to suit the particular application. Wastewater flows into the filter tank, and as the wastewater passes through the filter panels, the solids collect on the outside of the drum.

When the solids build up, an automatic cleaning cycle starts during which the drum rotates and a spraybar flushes the solids from the filter screens, and they are removed to a solids tank with the aid of a vacuum pump.

The cleaned wastewater which has passed through the filter panels is discharged by gravity over a weir.

The RDM is self-contained and requires only the connection of an electrical supply and pipework for the wastewater feed, discharge and sludge removal.



compact size
• low profile (gravity or pump-fed)
• low backwash water requirement
• low power consumption
• easily maintained
• complete freestanding system, ready to install
• combined spraybar and vacuum provide efficient filter drum cleaning


To download our data sheet, please click: 

offloading an RDM at a water utility site


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