Run Down Screens

Run Down Screens (RDS) provide a simple and reliable method of removing solids from wastewater flows.  Wastewater flows by gravity through a gently curved wedge wire screen.

Solid particulates which are too large to pass through the screen are deposited on the screen surface and slide to the bottom of the screen, where they are discharged to a collecting bin. The aperture size of the wedge wire controls the size of the particulates to be removed.

The screened wastewater is discharged by gravity from the rear of the screen.

An RDS is normally used for the primary removal of solids before further downstream processing.  They have no moving parts, require little maintenance and are easily installed.



• no moving parts
• able to treat a wide range of wastewaters
• compact
• no services required
• easily maintained
• improves the wastewater quality for subsequent processing


an RDS with cover at a brewery

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